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Dig dig dig

Gray but warm. Spring for sure.

Pulled up Scilla in the blueberry bed. Left a bunch of volunteer garlic for cooking up later. They won’t fully mature, but they make great garlic chives. That was a lot of soft squishy green stuff hauled outta there. 

Around the blueberries/geranium/garlic/strawberries/allium/daffodils/red thing I can’t remember planted 2 kinds of poppies of unknown variety that have been kicking around since Seattle. Also some sweet peas on the basketball protection device. Still think we need to get two more blueberry plants and move the day lilies. But no more stuff except water should go in this bed. No really, I mean it.

Yesterday moved garlic and onion sets/volunteers around the fig and to the “no longer an artichoke because it died” bed. Figure they’ll be ok in the occasion shade of those spots.

In between those – in the “usually a tomato bed but not this year” – planted super sugar snaps and sugar sprint peas with top dressing of compost from the old leaf/wood pile. Looks much nicer than the soil that is in the bed. Will plant sunflowers and red clover and some other flower later. Maybe a squash if I can’t help myself. But no tomatoes. Planted a couple of sweet peas around the fig and the raspberries because I had them.

 Yesterday moved some of the ornamental oregano to fill in around the raspberries. That stuff is pretty. Maybe alyssum to fill later?

Also yesterday, dug in some kitchen scraps to the front where the tomatoes will be later. And dug up more scilla, moved some daffodils so white and yellow will be more balanced under the roses (eventually). 

Discovered the slugs have been feasting on lettuce starts so made some beer traps. They seem to like the lettuce more than the beer; no slugs swimming/more lettuce munched. Sorry Candace, I’m not giving you my extra lettuce starts!