a beautiful day in Portland

Today was clean up the firewood and driveway day.

There was a bunch still under the hickories from when they were thinned in Fall, so Colin helped with 3 loads and earned $4 and I did the rest. Some logs were too long & wide (stove takes 18″ x 9″ maximum!) This meant a trip to the interwebs to learn how to clean and adjust electric chainsaws. Still need to split logs that are too close to 9inch diameter (max for the fire insert) and to shorten some extra long pieces (ran out of chainsaw oil). But the rack is stacked and the two stacks of wood on either side are cleaned up too. Lot’s of debris went to the compost corner and some scilla were weeded.

Pulled the chipper out of the garage and need to overhaul that too. But it needs even more work: fresh oil, repair tires, check sparkplug….

And in other garden news, Colin started making a platform to go in the back corner. Bottom supports were sawed by hand and planking scrounged. Next more saw work and some screws or nails. He had a great time.

Replacement lettuce still going ok. Only one spinach was eaten by slugs. First nasturtium sprout, but no peas yet.

Have the seeds to send to Mutti and Sandy…that’s tomorrow’s job.




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