“The greatest ownership of all is to glance around and understand.”
–William Stafford

Still working on that.

Things needed:

  • trellis wire
  • gravel
  • diatomaceous earth
  • 2 small dianthus (cheddar Pinks/dianthus gratianopolitanus)
  • maybe 2 more columnar apple trees
  • maybe 2-3 more early bearing blueberries
  • Cascade or Chinook Hops

Things Seriously In Need of Doing

  • overhall chipper
  • prune trees (pears, fig)
  • move bricks for apple trees
  • fuss with watering system
  • move compost in driveway
  • move wood piles
  • clean chicken coup (although there are no chickens)
  • get out yard furniture
  • replace a few boards in deck
  • fix adirondack chair
  • prune grape
  • prune roses
  • pH test blueberries
  • mulch blueberries
  • fire up the flame thrower
  • hook up water barrel
  • trellis peas

Things To Learn About

  • why the pears are so unhappy
  • what would be easy on the eyes and time for front corner
  • when to plant various flower seeds
  • where to get a soil test
  • build a barrel composter

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