Today’s projects

The first of the Scilla have bloomed! Soon little blue balls will be everywhere. They get thrown everywhere and as a result they grow everywhere. Crocus are mainly done. Overwintered onion & garlic are sending up shoots. Raspberry is leafing out and greens are plentiful. Ornamental Alliums are shooting up and blueberries and strawberries are showing signs of life.

The everblooming Western Bittercress got yanked. Likewise some bluebells (but plenty more are left!) If we still had chickens that cress would not have gone to waste!

Planted lettuce, onion & spinach starts and seed potatoes. A couple of days ago planted small dianthus in the parking strip and weeded there. Also planted cilantro and parsley starts. Decided to just have 2 tomatoes in the front bed and let the bigger tomato bed have a rest this year. That space will be peas & flowers. Enjoyed the thinnings of the corn salad and lettuce for dinner.

Want to: start more parsley, cilantro, lettuce, peas, poppies. (Is it too late for poppies?) Fruit trees all need pruning & cleaning. All beds need weeding. Back yard needs stick clean up. Chipper needs overhaul & wheel repair. I need a beer.

Am wondering what in the heck to do with the front SE corner. That is just a mess of nothing. The lemon tree might be dead…we’ll see. Not much of the cover crop made it, so beds were all bare for the winter.

Spring planting strip

Spring planting strip. Post crocus with new dianthus



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