potatoes and spinach 3/13/14Will the slugs find the lettuce tonight?old bean bed 3/13/14

Will the slugs find the lettuce tonight?


On Saturday afternoons when all the things are done in the house and there’s no real work to be done, I play Bach and Chopin and turn it up real loudly and get a good bottle of chardonnay and sit out on my deck and look out at the garden. – Maya Angelou

There’s not much reason to look at the garden right now. A nice glass of chardonnay might make the experience palatable, but the yard is big and lumpy and dandelions are whimpering. If they don’t get pulled up soon, they will be roaring for sure.

Grass pokes from the pavers, the early corn salad is abundant (until it bolts in a week or two), plants sit impatiently in planting trays on the front porch and branches litter the paths. I don’t know what the ph is or when I last amended anything. The soaker hoses need testing and tweaking and maybe wholesale rethinking; misplaced thrift has caused several years of under-watering and lackluster blueberry performance.

The goal this year is simplification and cleaning up. No big projects or huge amounts of veggies. Just some greens, some tomatoes, some peas, some herbs and some nice hang out time. So let’s get started, shall we?


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